The consulting services provide by GW Environmental Consulting Company are relied upon to develop work practices and criteria for re occupancy at commercial and resident properties where issues related to asbestos, mold, lead, products of combustion, silica or indoor air quality are of importance.

GW routinely characterizes conditions at properties that have been damaged by excessive moisture, construction defects, aging, abuse, neglect and natural disasters.

GW services are relied upon during transfers of ownership or when managing conditions that may pose health risks to Occupants or construction personnel.

GW has over twenty years of responsible, professional and cooperative interaction with developers, engineers, construction and insurance professionals, and has completed in excess of 6000 projects successfully.



Asbestos – Initial investigations for asbestos-containing materials, air quality investigations, post-abatement clearance investigations and “Procedure 5” work plans.

Mold & Bacteria – Initial investigations for mold, bacteria & water damage, airborne mold spore and bacteria investigations and post-remediation mold and bacteria investigations.

Lead-Based Paint – Initial investigations for lead in paint, ceramic tile and settled dust, post-abatement clearance investigations and lead-poisoning.

Products of Combustion – Initial investigations for ash, char, carbon and soot in settled dust affecting contents and building materials.

Silica – Initial investigations for silica, air quality investigations, post-abatement investigations.

Indoor Air Quality – Investigations for airborne asbestos, mold spores & bacteria, lead, formaldehyde & silica



State of CA DOSH Certified Asbestos Consultants

State of CA DOSH Certified Asbestos Site Surveillance Technicians

State of CA DPH Certified Lead Inspectors/Assessors/Monitors

South Coast Air Quality Management District Certified Permitting Professional

Member of Santa Barbara Contractors Association and registered with Better Business Bureau